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Dating Etiquette
Ferratum break down the trends of modern dating. How does this measure up with your experiences? 
outdo yourself
Be inspired to change the world by reading our Outdo Yourself entrants' stories. What could you achieve?
Healthier Body and Mind
As we approach the end of summer, now is a great time to start thinking about restoring the body and mind. Here are five s
Summer spending
Have you been overspending this summer? Ferratum are here to help with ideas for a spend-free summer in 2019. 
Even if you and your partner haven't travelled anywhere this summer, with all the activities, drinks and meals out, our bu
Wonga collapse
Payday lender Wonga are no longer accepting new loan applications. Are you a Wonga customer? What should you do now?
outdo yourself
Find out what our winners have been doing since the launch of our inspiring Outdo Yourself campaign. 
outdo yourself
How would your dreams help change the world? Read one of our Outdo Yourself stories here...
What Type of Spender Are You?
Are you a sensible saver or a big spender?