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Short term loan

Up to 300 £
  • loan terms: 7 - 37 days
  • application can be completed in 2 minutes
  • once approved our Banking Team will make a payment to your bank.

Existing customers - the maximum loan amount is increased to £500 for qualifying customers.

Why choose Ferratum as your Payday Loans provider?

We are a direct lender. Your loan decision will be available in minutes and once
approved, cash will be in your bank the same day – 7 days a week

(*)Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm funds will be with you within 2 hours. During evenings and weekends this may take a little longer; we thank you for your patience.


Apply Online in minutes
We will process your application
Receive your payday loan when approved!
Re-Apply by Text after repaying the loan.


Apply For Payday Loans Online

Why choose us for a Short Term Cash Loan?

Application can be completed in 2 minutes

Applications will be subject to credit vetting and affordability assessments

Money in your account on the same day!*

First-time customers can borrow up to £300

Existing customers, if qualify, can borrow up to £500

Your loan decision is available within minutes.

Once approved our Banking Team will make a payment to your bank.

Apply for your short term pay day loan online today.

*Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm funds will be with you within 2 hours. During evenings and weekends this may take a little longer. We thank you for your patience.

Make the smart decision and apply!

Ferratum UK is a proud member of the 

Why choose Ferratum?

1. We are a friendly direct lender with great customer care, check out our Trust Pilot reviews!

2. Your decision is made in minutes and we send payouts usually within 2 hours, 7 days a week.

3. Fast and easy online application takes just 2-3 minutes.

4. Re-apply by text after your first loan, it's as easy as that!


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How it works

1. Decide the amount you want to apply for.

2. The application is fast and simple.

3. We process your application.

4. If successful, we send cash to your bank.

5. Pay the loan back on the due date

5. It’s even easier next time as you simply text us!


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How to choose a lender?

Some of our customers are introduced to us by a broker, some come to us directly having searched online.  The difference between a 'direct lender' and a 'broker' is simply that the broker collects your details and passes everything to the lender.  The direct lender or lenders, dependent on how many companies are sent your information, then makes the decision as to how they can help you.  If you choose to apply directly with a direct lender like Ferratum, everything will be handled here, including setting up your account and sending the money to your bank.  Read more ...

Ferratum Group

Ferratum UK is a subsidiary of Ferratum Group – An international provider of mobile consumer loans operating in 22 countries across Europe, Australasia and North America.

Ferratum offers fast, easy and confidential loans for consumers. Our services can be accessed online or on mobile devices, and loans are approved within minutes

Ferratum Group was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2005. As a business we are very proud of our Nordic heritage. According to Transparency International, Finland has been among the three least corrupted countries for many years running. We are committed to apply Finnish values in all the countries we operate. This is why we strongly believe in our self-imposed ethical principles and will always act accordingly.

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