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Heritage sites
The UNESCO World Heritage Site list is perfect for making summer travel plans.
June Savings
Learn how to make the most of your summer with expert tips on how you can save money for your family.
World Rallycross Championships
Rallycross is growing in popularity around the world.
Summer Barometer
The 10th-anniversary edition of Ferratum's international consumer behaviour survey brings surprising results!
Beaches and sun, surfboards and waves.
Heroes provide wise words, motivation, and goals to aspire to. Have you thought about who is your hero? Read about different heroes and how they come into our lives.
Shopping behaviour
The best way to make wise buying decisions and to save money is to know your shopping behaviour.
Spring activities
When the weather warms up, people want to get outside and be active.
Weird holidays
Unusual holidays are gaining ground through social media and the fast spread of information.
I need a hero
What makes someone a hero to you? And what impact can your heroes have on your own life?