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Happy New Year
Get into the New Year's Festivities. 
Christmas Jumpers
Christmas Giving  Something I love about Christmas, beyond the gift giving and the overindulging, is the generosity of spirit it can inspire.
Days to Christmas
Find out all about the Ferratum Barometer here!
Christmas Personality
Which Christmas personality is like you?  Here in the Ferratum office, talk has, of course, turned to Christmas. The ultimate question; Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Back to School
Back to School with Ferratum
Happy Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween planning with help from Ferratum
Autumn with Ferratum
It feels like only five minutes ago we were packing our little or big darlings off to school after the summer break!
Valentine's Day
How to bag a romantic bargain this Valentine’s Day
saving for Christmas
How to get your finances through the holidays with Ferratum’s Responsible Spending model