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Summer Holiday Guide

Holiday tips and advice from Ferratum

Now that we’re heading into Spring, thoughts turn to our Summer holidays. Sun and sand, warm evenings and cold drinks, we live for our holidays. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a holiday abroad this year, you might want to take a look at our travel guide.  

We’ve been spinning the globe for our customers, doing the legwork so you don’t have to. We think travelling and exploring are the best ways to relax, laugh and get away from it all.

Dig out your travel plug adaptor and get the suitcases out of the loft because your Ferratum team have found your next holiday!

We’ve gathered some ideas for the most favourite holiday destinations. Think of all your ex-pat friends and family enjoying the sunshine and the excitement of a new culture and take a peek for yourself.

Holiday In Spain 

We Brits have had a long-term love of Spain! The Balearics, The Canaries, 300 days of sunshine a year… What’s not to like? There are fabulous beaches, volcanoes and sizzling city breaks. Try Barcelona for a perfect combination of beach holiday and city break with a touch of culture from the Gaudi architecture. Probably the most overlooked area for tourists in Northern Spain. It’s a shame as it has some beautiful scenery, mountains, little towns and buzzing cities. You’ll probably get more for your money too.

Holiday In France

The food, the wine, the romance, garlic bread. Who can resist a break in France? From Paris with Disney and the Eiffel Tower to the lavender fields of Provence to the sunny beaches of the South, there’s something for everyone in France. There’s even skiing or camping. Try Eurocamp for amazing activity holidays on the beach. Give some of the local delicacies a try – frogs legs… they taste like chicken!

Holiday In USA

Go Stateside. America is very popular with British holidaymakers, the sheer size of the country is beyond anything we can imagine and there’s such a diverse range of lifestyles to experience.

Coveting our favourite TV shows and the lifestyles we see must be partially responsible for this love of the USA and of course, who can forget Disney? From coast to coast there’s California’s Disneyland and Florida’s Disneyworld with various other parks to visit too. Come on – it’s not just for the little kids.

We’re also taken with the bright lights of Vegas and the cultural wonder of New York City. The Deep South has a charming style of its own and the Big Easy New Orleans isn’t somewhere to be missed if you’re down that way. From sea to shining sea there is so much in USA that many citizens don’t even have a passport as they can see snow, desert, mountains, lakes or beaches without ever leaving their own continent. Everything is big, the food, the cars and the welcome. Enjoy your vacation and have a nice day.

Holiday In Italy

There’s something almost magnetic about Italy. We can’t help being seduced by this beautiful peninsula. Italy has it all and that’s why it’s so popular. History, food, sun, friendly locals, old world wine… the list goes on. Visit Italy and you can’t help but bring some of its culture back. Their cuisine is gorgeously familiar to us and easy to replicate when we arrive back home. We all need something to take us back to our favourite holiday memories. Go ‘Up Pompeii’ and see Vesuvius or enjoy la dolce vita and visit ancient cities and 500 miles of beaches. Go on, bring a bit of Italian style back to the UK.

Holiday In Portugal

Portugal boasts around 530 miles of beaches and 3000 hours of sunshine every year. It’s in the South West of Europe and in easy reach of the other European countries. Portugal is well known for its spicy peri peri flavour. There is so much more to experience at the Portuguese table! Try the cataplana, a seafood stew with a nice Vinho Verde. Simple and delicious. You can expect to see Dolphins in the Sado Estuary or hike in the Parque National in the Peneda-Geres. If you fancy a dance, there are many festivals and all-night festas to take in around the cities of Lisbon and Porto.

It's a small wonder these destinations are so popular with UK holidaymakers. If you'd like to try something a little further afield but on a budget, there are a few ideas in our 'Holiday on a Shoestring' Blog.