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Need inspiration for holidays this year? Look no further.

We’ve looked at the most popular destinations for UK holidaymakers, but why are they so popular?  Is it strictly down to affordability or so we have a preference based on something else? Are these destinations our favourites based on sticking with what we know? You’re going to have to step out of that comfort zone if you want the most affordable holiday!  

These bargains are based on the cost of being there. If you offset the spending money required with the cost of actually getting to a destination, you may find it isn't much of a difference overall. You'll be surprised how far you can travel by paying a little more for the transport, but saving on the costs when you arrive.  


Yes, that’s right!  It’s no Benidorm but you can get a bed for the night for £1 and a meal for less. There are day trips for £3 and amazing weather to boot! It might not be somewhere you’ve ever thought of visiting but it’s getting pretty popular with our school leavers and backpackers so get in there before it catches on too well and becomes premium priced!


It’s Asian but has a French flavour and you can eat a croissant for breakfast.  Historically this place has been turbulent but it now has a calm beautiful charm, not least because you can buy a beer for around 50p. Take in the charm of Hanoi’s old quarter and check out the flower farms, cashew plantations and even maybe a motorcycle tour! Take a look at some of the best places to visit.


OK, some parts of India are going to cost you, that’s the truth.  Mumbai and Dehli are a little bit pricey.  Other than this, even high-end living is affordable in India.  It’s nigh on impossible to spend any money!  Your daily costs are around £15 per day.  Check out Rajasthan in the west for fun or Kerala in the South for a breathtaking beach!  Don’t forget to swing by the Taj Mahal if you’re North – how could you not?  The best advice in the food department is to stick with the street vendors and eat where the locals eat… the busy stalls are the best stalls! 


La Paz is the capital of this landlocked South American destination.  It’s surrounded by mountains so it’s cool at night throughout the year. and you can relax with a cold drink in a cafe or bar for less than £1.00.  The days are warm, Summer is hot but if you can’t make it then, the carnival in Oruro in early Spring is hotter!  Give this place a go – it’s not like anywhere you’ve ever been!


You have to see Budapest.  As well as stunning scenery, there are thermal spas and opulent lakes.  You can hike in the hills, swim in the lakes or hit Budapest Market for the best paprika you’ve ever tasted.  The food is good and the shots are terrifying; Unicum and Palinka, they’ll put hairs on your chest.  Between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of Budapest is the Danube and the Chain Bridge.  Local legend has it you can hide the bridge in a hole in the river bank. If that’s not enough, you can always explore the vineyards on Badacsony Hill

It's natural to be apprehensive about destinations you may not have considered before, but you can't blaze your own trail until you get off the beaten path.  It's always worth figuring out your budget then seeing what you can do by looking separately at flights, hotels and spending money.  There are even some companies who can guide you in the right direction then leave you to make the bookings and others who will arrange the whole package for you.

Not looking for something so adventurous?  If you'd prefer to stick with the more popular holiday destinations, take a look at our Holiday Guide blog