Charity Begins At Christmas, Little Things Mean A Lot.

Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Giving 

Something I love about Christmas, beyond the gift giving and the overindulging, is the generosity of spirit it can inspire.

This time of year is for giving, so we lean in a little closer to listen to tales of good deeds and random acts of kindness. 

There are so many ways to get involved with the cause of your choice. You can donate at the click of a mouse with Just Giving or similar sites. Did you know you could send a 3rd World family a goat or a few chickens to give them a chance to work their way out of poverty? This is also a really good option as the gift for that person in your life who has everything as you can donate in their name.

If you have a bit more energy and want to make it more fun, there’s always your local Santa Dash or various other festive fun runs. Don’t fancy running around your local town dressed as Santa? Sponsor someone else to do it instead. 

Coming up very soon is National Christmas Jumper Day. Raise funds for local or national charities by encouraging a small donation from your colleagues for wearing a festive knit for work.

They’re available in clothing stores and supermarkets with an array of options. Bright and bold, glitzy and shiny, even ones with flashing lights!

Here are some of my favourites this year. This has to be the only fashion item that the kids’ version isn’t necessarily more fun than the adult one.

You still have time to order online too, if you’re quick, as Christmas Jumper Day is set for 18th December this year. You can even dress up your pet and let them enjoy the festivities with you.

Does it have to be cash? No, not really. At this time of the year, it’s not always a good time to be asked for money as the cost of Christmas might be stretching your winter budget to the max. You could help out a charity by having a clear out before Christmas. The advantage of this is that it costs you nothing but time and still keeps you on the ‘Good’ list. You’ll also have a clutter free zone in your home, well, until Christmas Day anyway.

You can even have a look through your kitchen cupboards and donate to a local food bank. You’d be surprised how much one carrier bag of food can help. You’ll find lists of the types of food they need; mainly dried, canned or sealed items. Making a big difference sometimes only requires a bit of imagination.

Never forget that your time can be one of your most valuable assets. Could you spare an hour to help an elderly neighbour or relative? Maybe you could brighten someone’s day by simply putting up their Christmas decorations. Just don’t forget to help take them down too.

I’ve done my Santa Dash, well it was more of a Santa Saunter as I had two mini Santas with me. Your Ferratum team is raising money for Christmas Jumper Day just by looking silly – not sure we’ll notice the difference for some of our wacky colleagues. 

However you chose to help others this Christmas, remember that little things mean a lot, time and effort go a long way and Santa Claus is watching!