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June Savings

Learn how to make the most of your summer with expert tips on how you can save money for your family.

The weather is getting better and that means June is the time to enjoy the sunshine with your family and friends. Summer can be fun; activities, getting out and about, BBQs, but how does it impact your wallet? You might find that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer on a budget. Check out our five top tips that could save your family money in June.

1. Open a holiday bank account 

You might find that your spending in summer is a lot more than other times of the year. A great tip for your family that can help you manage your money is to have a designated bank account to use for summer travel and activities. Transfer all the money designated for your holiday or summer days out into the account and you'll easily be able to keep track of what you've got left. When starting out, you can set aside your budget for the summer and only spend from that account.

Organisation is key to managing your finances in June. Start setting money aside now for use over all your summer plans in July and August. By keeping your summer fund separate, you'll always have a clear picture of what you have available. 

2. Cooking can be fun!

We all like eating out as a treat throughout the year. But during the summer you can take advantage of the sunshine and have fun with the family by planning backyard BBQs and picnics instead of eating at restaurants. You can even do this on holiday if you're self-catering, find the local supermarket and stock up so you can enjoy picnics daily. You can even save money, and beat the queues, by taking picnics to theme parks or the zoo! Our top tip for theme park picnics is to eat your packed lunch as you queue for rides to pass the time! 

And don't forget to take advantage of your own outside space! June is a great time for planting vegetables and herbs right outside your door. Even your windowsill could be an easy place for herbs and, for example, peppers. This will save you money and is a great summer project for the kids to get involved with. 

Even if you still need the supermarket for your BBQ supplies, why not enjoy the weather and walk or cycle to the shops? 

3. Kids' summer holiday 

They may not save you much money, but if your kids are desperate for some extra pennies to enjoy the sunshine with their friends, it's a good time to start encouraging them to contribute to household chores to make some pocket money. It may even save the adults some time and energy, even if it doesn't necessarily save your wallet! 

For teens, encouraging them to take on summer jobs is a great habit to build. Not only will they make their own summer spending money, but this will be great as they start further education as they will already have some work experience when looking for part time jobs. It's win-win! 

4. Cheap entertainment is easy to find!

From tennis to woodland hikes to frisbee in the park, there's loads of summer fun that's cheap to do. Our top tip for this one is to check out online community selling sites like Facebook and Gumtree for sporting equipment, or even your local charity shop. 

And don't forget to explore your local area. Summer means you don't have to rely on indoor activities, you can get outside and see what your local area has to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised by the free or cheap local attractions and ideas. Again, reach out to your community and find out what's going on. Sharing is caring! 

5. Off-season shopping offers a return

Shopping during the summer may not seem the most logical way to save money in the short term. However, with a longer view, summer sales can save you money on next season supplies. Cold-weather clothing and off-season items are probably limited, but if you do come across these things, they will likely be at deeply discounted prices. So, keep your eyes open for sales.

Summer furniture and garden accessories will also start to go on sale as the season goes on, again check out your local selling pages to see if you can find a pre-loved bargain! 

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