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Rallycross races – from yesterday to today

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World Rallycross Championships

Rallycross is growing in popularity around the world. Find out about the roots of this exciting car racing sport and what’s in store for today’s races.

Love racing? Want to know more about Rallycross? This fast-paced racing sport is where rally and circuit racing come together for fans with exciting track races. The cars are more powerful than F1 cars and drivers test the limits on mixed dirt and asphalt tracks, for an exciting winner takes all race.

The history of rallycross

TV producer Robert Reed invented Rallycross (RX) in 1967. ITV gathered a group of rally drivers to show their stuff on the Lydden Hill Race Circuit, in Kent. It soon took off in popularity and became a must-see event on UK TV. And from there, an internationally recognised sport was born.

The RX race events spread across Europe over the following years. The first mainland games were held in the Netherlands in 1969 and the first races took place in Sweden in 1971. It was in 2014 that the first European-dominated FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX) was held. Norwegian driver Petter Solberg set the stage in World RX 2014 and brought home the win for this inaugural season.

Why rallycross?

The guys at Red Bull put it well in their beginners guide saying: “The cars these crowds come to watch being thrown around are kind of like high-performance hot hatchbacks, only much more powerful. Think manual-shift, 600bhp and four-wheel drive, with turbo-charged acceleration of 0–100kph in less than two seconds.” You can enjoy all this from the comfort of your seat in an amphitheatre setting...If you can stay seated that is!

The 2019 campionship has already kicked off – starting in Barcelona, in April. And will make its way through a dozen countries over the year. With a 22% increase in viewership from 2017 to 2018 the World RX’s popularity continues to rise, reaching over 678 million households. Today, rallycross history remains close to its roots and the Lydden Hill Circuit is still the home of rallycross and where World RX testing takes place.

RX innovation: partnerships for inspiring companies

For the fastest and most innovative cars in the world, all eyes are on this year’s World RX. This year's championship will be featuring the STARD racing team as a proud participant. STARD, or Stohl Advanced Research and Development, is a research and development specialist company specialising in advanced motorsport, racing, and high-performance technology.

Where racing excitement meets technology is the place to be and where partnerships are born. Because STARD racing team and Ferratum share a similar vision for speed and innovation – Ferratum is a proud title sponsor at the World RX 2019, in partnership with the STARD team.

“Our partnership with STARD in FIA World Rallycross allows us to bring our brand and services closer to an even broader audience – some of the fastest cars in racing advertising the equally fast services offered by Ferratum, it is a perfect match”, explains Ferratum’s CEO and Founder, Jorma Jokela.

STARD continues their successful history with rallycross and have been competing in World RX events with in-house developed Supercars since 2015. The partnership includes the provision and management of two new Ford Fiesta RXS Evo 5 Supercars by STARD, featuring Ferratum logos. Read more about Ferratum taking to the tracks at the 2019 championships. See you at World RX!

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