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Spring coming means plans for a better you

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spring plans

Spring into action as the seasons change, so you can make some changes for the better! Ferratum has some top tips to get you motivated...

Now that winter is coming to an end, there's not much time until beautiful and hopeful Spring comes along. You can actually feel the days getting longer and the Winter blues subsiding. Have you been procrastinating with your New Year’s Resolutions? Whether it’s a yes, a no, or something in between, you’d best be planning ahead to make the most out of the coming Spring. We’re here to help you out with a few ideas:

City break

As the weather gets more pleasant, more and more cities are also getting more attractive for tourists. Cities in Western or Northern Europe can be quite annoying when you have to deal with rain, cold and lack of sunlight... Those who plan ahead get the best bargains for transport and accommodation. You can find dirt cheap plane tickets, especially if you’re not traveling from one continent to another. Spring is the start of “traveler’s season” and, by some accounts, it’s the best season to explore new cities because the most popular ones aren’t yet packed with tourists.

Spring cleaning

You’ll want the beauty of Spring to be reflected in your house, as well. You may not know it yet, but clutter can negatively affect your emotional state, and it can be a distraction, as well. If you haven’t done so already, why not kick off this Spring with some extra tidiness? Throw away what you no longer need. Better yet, why not give away your old clothes to charitable organizations? A good deed for some good Karma goes a long way…


Now that it’s getting warm outside, you can get rid of that thick jacket and go for something a bit lighter. Now your body is fit for jogging, and it’s no longer a pain to go outside in the cold on your way to the gym. You can also start biking and use your bike to get around town, to work, or you can randomly go biking in the park. Are the holidays’ extra pounds still keeping up with you? Spring is the perfect chance for you to have your Summer beach bod in time.

Take up a new hobby

What I like about Spring is that it’s the period in between the cold of Winter and the hot of Summer. It’s the best time to get started on a new hobby. You could start painting, playing an instrument, sculpting… anything that will help you express yourself. Not the artistic type? You could learn a new language, a new profession that will help you earn more money in the future or you could read more and “feed” your mind to become smarter.

Wrapping it up...

“This Spring is going to be the best”… Maybe you’ve heard this cliché before, but words are just words if there’s no action involved. Planning is the first step that you need to take, obviously, but your discipline and perseverance to make sure that your plans are more than just thoughts scribbled on a paper.

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