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Best Gifts for Families with Babies

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Best gifts for young families

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your friends who have just had a baby, then you've come to the right place!

Hmmm, gift ideas for young families. What can you buy that they don´t already have? Do they really need more baby clothes or more toys? Probably not.

Well, if you´re looking for gift ideas for your friends who have babies, there are several ingenious gadgets on the market right now which make everyday life for young families so much easier.

So, how about these solutions?

1. A Dummy That Automatically Closes When Dropped

Imagine you´re at a park or on a train and your baby drops his or her dummy on the ground and it´s now dirty. Conventional wisdom says that a dummy should be cleaned with soap and water before giving it back to the baby. So, what do you do? There´s has to be a better alternative to carrying soap and water around with you. Well, there is.

The Keep-it-Kleen dummy from Raz-baby is a plastic guard that goes around the dummy. Whenever the dummy is dropped, the shield automatically closes and protects the rubber nip of the dummy preventing it from ever getting dirty!

An essential for every parent.

2. Monitoring Your Baby with Your iPhone

A baby monitor is a must-have for every young family. While there are many options on the market with a webcam-style camera and portable hand-held viewing device, since we spend so much time on our mobile phones, doesn´t it makes sense that parents monitor their babies from their phone? Products such as the Lollipop and Cloud Baby Monitor do just that.

Via their respective mobile apps, parents can not only view their baby on their phones but also receive notifications including noise and motion alerts. With two-way audio capabilities, parents can also play lullabies or white-noise to help their baby sleep, and even share the live video with friends or family.

3. A Dummy That Takes Your Baby´s Temperature

A baby with a fever is one of the scariest symptoms for parents and keeping a close watch of your baby´s temperature is vital. That´s what makes a dummy with an inbuilt thermometer a potentially lifesaving product.

Summer´s Pacifier Thermometer, for example, even has a Fever Alert feature which allows parents to take the baby´s temperature at night time without disturbing the baby.

Most pacifier or dummy thermometers also have an internal memory which recalls previous readings to enable parents to track their baby´s progress.

4. Keep Your Belongings Stored Away

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. When you´re a parent, you not only have your baby to keep an eye on, but the baby´s toys, food, and accessories not to mention your own items like your wallet and mobile phone. It´s not hard to imagine dropping or losing things.

Introducing buggy organisers. These pouches either clip on or stretch over the handlebars of any stroller to provide storage pouches with zips allowing parents to keep all their accessories and essentials safe.

5. Waterproof Bibs

Let´s be honest - babies are hard to keep clean. During feeding time, babies often end up wearing most of their food! Well, now clean-up has been made a whole lot easier with silicone, reusable baby bibs available on the market.

Waterproof and stain-resistant, whenever spills occur, parents can just wipe the bib clean or wash the bib in the dishwasher, and it´s ready to use again.

Wow your friends who have babies with one of these great gift ideas!

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