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Outdo Yourself Story: Bringing a Little Piece of Nature to Your Everyday

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outdo yourself

Be inspired to change the world by reading our Outdo Yourself entrants' stories. What could you achieve?

“Out of all those millions and millions of planets floating around there in space, this is our planet, this is our little one, so we just got to be aware of it and take care of it.” 

- Paul McCartney 

Last year, we ran a contest called Outdo Yourself, where we asked people to record a short video of themselves telling us what their goal or dream is, why it´s important to them, and how money could help them make it happen. After viewing all the submissions, we would then award three winners with a generous grant along with the mentorship they needed to help achieve their goal or dream.   

Affording People The Opportunity

We know that money can be a factor in whether one achieves their goal or dreams. Money can enable people to say yes when opportunity knocks. In fact, in many cases, money can make the difference between whether someone says yes or is forced to say no to an opportunity.  

For some people, the goal or dream was a project that they´d already started but needed help completing it or help taking it to the next level. For others, it was a goal or dream they´d always wanted to start but put off because they didn´t have the time or resources.  

Sharing The Momentum

In the end, we received 133 videos from 18 countries. It was incredible for us to see and hear so many people sharing their goals and dreams with us. After the difficult task of selecting just three contest winners, we immediately realised that we needed to continue promoting the positivity and momentum around Outdo Yourself by profiling more videos from our contest entrants. 

Dreaming In Green

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”  
- Gail Devers 

One of our contest entrants was Anna from Latvia. Anna is a wonderful example of someone with self-motivation, determination, and someone who creates their own opportunities instead of waiting for opportunities to come to them. These are all important attributes to have when it comes to achieving goals. 

Anna is self-employed and manufactures her own handmade natural soaps and cosmetics. Her products aim to bring a little piece of nature to everyday life. 

“I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer.” 

- Denis Hayes 

Through her business, Anna aspires to create jobs for the local community. With her workshop located in the Latvian countryside, Anna has an even bigger long-term goal whereby she hopes that her business will create rural tourism, drawing people closer to nature and encouraging people to live greener. 

With her determination and long-term vision – both of which are vital to succeed with our goals -  Anna is well on the way to making her dream a reality. 

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Outdo Yourself next month.  

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