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Follow The Journeys of our Outdo Yourself Contest Winners!

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outdo yourself

Find out what our winners have been doing since the launch of our inspiring Outdo Yourself campaign. 

Earlier this year we announced the winners of our Outdo Yourself contest whereby we encouraged people to share their dreams with us and, in return, we would offer the lucky winners a generous grant along with the mentorship they needed to make their dreams a reality.  

Although there are many factors to making a dream a reality, we know that money can be an important element in enabling people the ability to say yes when opportunity knocks.  

How People Participated

To enter the contest, we asked entrants to record and share a video of themselves telling us what their goal or dream was, why it was important, what was holding them back, and how we, at Ferratum, could help them achieve their goal. 

Our Winners

One of our winners was French traveller and photographer Lucas whose goal was to travel to Africa to complete his photobook of schools around the world. 

Another one of our other winners was Liisa-Lotta from Estonia whose dream was to fulfil her grandfather´s dream of travelling to the South African coastal city of Cape Town. 

Our Winners´ Reactions

One of the most satisfying things is seeing how people react when their efforts are recognised and rewarded. 

When we informed Lucas that he was one of our winners, he said the news proved to him “that if you really want something in life, you have to fight for it”. Lucas also said that it´s important to ”believe in yourself, believe in life, and everything will come to you”.  

Lucas expressed excitement over his travels to Africa and to complete the photobook he´s been working on for four years. Watch Lucas´ reaction to the news here

When Liisa-Lotta received news that she was a winner, she described the feeling as “unreal”. When she received word, she ran to her grandfather´s place and told him she was going to Cape Town. Her grandfather held Liisa-Lotta´s hand with tears in his eyes. To prepare for the trip, Liisa-Lotta says has been watching dozens of videos and expressed the importance of pushing her comfort zones. Watch Lissa-Lotta´s video reaction here.

What Happened To The Winners?

A couple of months have passed since we announced our lucky winners. So, whatever happened to Lucas and Liisa-Lotta?  

Well, we are proud and excited to announce that, this month, Ferratum will be sending Lucas and Liisa-Lotta to Africa and South Africa, respectively, to make their dreams a reality.  

Over the next few weeks, we will also be sharing videos of their journeys. So, stay tuned and be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates. 

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Outdo Yourself next month. 

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