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Outdo Yourself Story: Brighten Up the World You See

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outdo yourself

At Ferratum Money, we know money can often help open doors, help create opportunities, and help you make things happen. Find out how we make a difference. 

At Ferratum Money, we know money can often help open doors, help create opportunities, and help you make things happen. That´s why we have created our financial products as solutions to enable you to say yes to life more often, and spend more time doing the things that matter most. 

However, inside many of us, there is a nagging feeling of another life waiting to be lived – the life we are meant to live. At Ferratum Money, we aim to bridge the gap between the life you dream and the life you lead. 

The Chance to Make Your Mark

Our recent Outdo Yourself contest was created to encourage you to put your ideas into action and do the things in life that you´ve previously put off doing.  

To enter the contest, we asked you what your dream or goal was and to then send us a video pitch about why this dream or goal is dear to you. Maybe it was something you´d always wanted to start or something you already started but don´t have the time or the means to make it possible.  

To reward you, we, at Ferratum Money, offered a generous grant along with the mentorship needed to help make your goal a reality. 

Inspiring Others

We received so many powerful and inspiring videos - 133 videos from 18 countries to be exact. From all the video submissions we received, we then had the difficult job of selecting just three winners.  

After we selected our winners, we immediately realised that many of the videos had the power to inspire many more people and deserved even more exposure.  

Each month we will spotlight a submission from Outdo Yourself with the hope that these stories inspire you to pursue your goals. 

Seeing the Positive All Around Us

When it comes to putting a smile on people´s faces, brightening up people´s day and re-colouring the way we perceive the world, Bulgarian artist Siyana is making a visible difference.  

Siyana quite literally brightens up the world we see, spreading messages of positivity and transforming the city into a living art mural. Siyana believes we can all smile more and think more positive by simply making our city more colourful and lively. In Siyana´s own words: “Let’s follow our dreams by creating a vision of our dreams all around us!”.  

She makes a great point. Think about it - most of us wake up in the morning, switch on the TV, and the first thing we see is war, violence, and global warming. After only minutes of being awake, we think the world is going to end…before we´ve even had our morning coffee! However, it is important to remember that we choose how we want to see the world. So, why not start your day off right and see the world as a brighter, happier place? 

For this project, Siyana aims to transform her city via inspirational quotes at bus stops, painting trash cans and rubbish containers in bright colours, colouring crossways with vibrant patterns, and promoting positive messages on billboards along motorways and sidewalks. 

Siyana´s vision has already started to resonate with people. In fact, she recently received an award in Bulgaria for her efforts. 

Well done and thank you Siyana for putting a smile on people´s faces! 

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Outdo Yourself next month. 

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