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Outdo Yourself Story: Looking at Education Through The Lens of a Camera

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Ferratum Outdo Yourself

At Ferratum Money, our aim is to bridge the gap between the life you dream and the life you lead. Find out more about our Outdo Yourself competition.  

We understand that money can often create opportunities and that one opportunity often leads to more opportunities. Our financial products were designed for that reason - to give you the power to say yes to life more often. 

Make It Reality

Our recent Outdo Yourself contest was created to encourage you to put your ideas into action and to do the things in life that perhaps you´ve put off doing in the past.  

To enter, we asked you to send in a short video about a project or goal that is dear to you. Maybe it´s a project you started or something you always wanted to do but either didn´t have the time or the means to make it possible.  

To reward you, we offered a generous grant along with the mentorship you need to help you make your goal a reality. 

The Story Lives On

We received so many wonderful videos - 133 videos from 18 countries to be exact - and we had the challenge of selecting just three winners.  

After deciding on our three winners, we immediately realised that the videos had the power to inspire so many more people.  

Seeing The World Through a Different Lens

One of the three winners of our Outdo Yourself contest was French traveller and photographer, Lucas. 

In between winters dogsledding in Canada and Norway, Lucas spends the rest of the year travelling the world led by a mission to document schools from around the world using his camera.  

Over the four years he has been travelling, Lucas has photographed schools in fifteen countries throughout South America, the Caribbean, Asia, as well as islands in the Pacific. 

Each time he visits a new school in a new country, Lucas presents his photos and videos to the teachers and students. The goal is to create a photographic book to be shared with schools around the world to show what education in other countries looks like, to spread awareness and to connect people all over the world. 

A Brighter Future

As Lucas explains in his video pitch, education positively impacts so many areas of our life and, put simply, children with access to schooling have a brighter future.  

With Ferratum´s help, Lucas will reach his goal of travelling to Africa to document education in this region of the world and to complete the printing and publishing of his book. 

We, at Ferratum, commend Lucas on his efforts to stress the importance of education.  

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Outdo Yourself next month! 

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