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winter savings

As we approach the end of Autumn, it's time to think about preparing for the cold winter weather. 

Winter is, of course, the time of year we notice our gas and electricity bills skyrocketing. 

Despite the increased electricity usage, there are ways you can save money during winter. Here are our 6 top tips:

1.      Batten Down the Hatches

Well, maybe you don't need to go that far, but the first thing to do to prepare for winter is to search for any drafts that might be coming into your home. The most common places for drafts are around the edges of doors and windows. 

By attaching a metal sweep to the bottom of your front and back doors, you can prevent cold air creeping underneath. Door sweeps are inexpensive and can be purchased from any hardware store. 

2.      Cooking Seasonal Food at Home

This next tip works three-fold; you can save money by buying seasonal foods, save by cooking at home instead of eating out, and use the heat from the oven to keep your house warm. 

Buying and cooking seasonal fruits and vegetables is a great way to save money. Potatoes, apples, pumpkin, carrots and other root vegetables are all in season and wonderfully versatile foods. You can make soups, stews and much more, al perfect for the colder months. 

After using the oven to bake wholesome pies, roast vegetables or make cinnamon buns, open up the oven door and let the heat from the oven warm up the room. 

3.      Rug Up

Remember, as a kid, every time you were about to put the heating on, your parents would say "if you're cold, put on a sweater!"? Well, we're about to tell you the same thing!

Whenever you're home, try to limit your use of space-heaters. Space-heaters are the number one reason your electricity bills skyrocket during this time of year.

If you're lying on the bed or sofa watching TV or reading, grab a blanket and put it across your legs and shoulders. If you're wearing a T-shirt but about to put the heater on because you feel cold, put on a sweater instead. Are you walking around the house barefoot? Put on some socks and keep your feet warm. If your feet are warm, you will notice the rest of your body will also feel warmer. 

4.     Draw the Curtains

Another great way to conserve energy and money is by utilising your blinds and curtains. 

When the sun is shining, make use of the warmth and open up your blinds or curtains to let in the sunlight. 

During the evenings draw your blinds and curtains to retain the warmth inside. Using your curtains adds an extra layer of insulation to your home. 

5.      Warm Up the Room

Even with extra layers of clothing, there are times when you still need to use a space-heater. When using a heater, make sure you utilise its warmth properly. This means closing the doors in the room you're sitting in so you're not letting the warmth escape into other rooms. 

Heaters are much more effective in warming smaller spaces than larger spaces. You will also notice that you need to use the heater less too. For example, with doors closed, you may only need to use the heater for 30 minutes in a concentrated space as opposed to several hours. 

5.      Use LED Light Bulbs

In winter, with the shorter, darker days, we use a lot more electricity. a smart way to conserve energy and money is by using LED bulbs. Yes, initially LED bulbs are more expensive than regular light bulbs, but they will make a big difference to your electricity bill since they use approximately 20% of the energy of regular bulbs. They also last a lot longer too. 

Additionally, in the Nordics, the use of candlelight is very popular and helps create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Not only does it look beautiful but it also creates warmth and light too. 

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