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Five Ways a Microloan Can Make Your Life Easier This Autumn

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We've all heard the expression "when it rains, it pours". It's not referring to the autumn weather! A MicroLoan can be a perfect solution to weather any storm.

Autumn is here, which means it´s that time we put on our warmer jackets and put our umbrellas to good use. Multi-coloured leaves falling from trees, hot cocoa, and warm fireplaces make autumn one of the cosiest times of the year.  

With summer now behind us, Autumn means getting back on track. After all, during the summertime, it´s common that we all spend a little more than we have, which can mean making ends meet a little difficult. 

We´ve all heard the expression “when it rains it pours”, right? Well, they´re not talking about the Autumn weather! Often when we plan for one expense, we get hit with two or three more at the same time.

Luckily, there are many options you can explore to help you get back on top.

For many people, a short-term MicroLoan is a perfect, quick, and simple solution that helps them back on their feet.

Here are five ways a microloan can make your life easier this autumn.

1.      When Your Appliances Fail You 

You ignored the weird rumbling sound your washing machine made all summer, and now it's given up the ghost. With a few weeks ‘til payday, a Ferratum loan could help you get another one (without having to suffer the pain and expense of the launderette!)

2.      When You Cracked Your Tooth (ouch!) 

So, one tooth has been niggling you for a couple of weeks. And now, as you bite into your healthy snack at your desk. Crack. This calls for an emergency dentist appointment. And when it comes to emergency dental work, money shouldn't be another source of pain.

3.      When You Get Hit with Unexpected Expenses

You've struggled with finances all month, and then a letter turns from the kid's school. You have to pay up for the annual residential trip, and the deadline is a week before payday! A microloan is a perfect stopgap for unexpected expenses.

4.      When You Need a Small Lump Sum

Congratulations on finding a new apartment! After purchasing some new bits and pieces for your new place and working out your budget for the first month´s rent, you receive an email from the building manager reminding you that the deposit is also now due. With a microloan, you´ve got the keys to the kingdom.

5.      When You Need to Get Things in Motion

Whether your car has just broken down or there are planned rail works on your train line, everyone needs a reliable source of transportation to get from A-to-B. A microloan is a great solution to get you back on the road. Whether you need to buy a bicycle or to cover the first payment for the lease or purchase of a second-hand car.

Whatever your short-term needs, Ferratum Lending can help you. Our same day microloans are the quickest and most easily accessible way to secure funds when you need to make things happen fast.  

Simply complete an application form on our website and have a decision in minutes. No paperwork, no hassle. If approved, you get the money you need within one day.

At Ferratum Lending, we are here to help you weather any (autumn) storm. Read more about managing your money on the Ferratum blog..

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk. Representative example: APR 1270% if borrowing £400 for 4 months. Interest rate: 292% p.a. (fixed). Total amount repayable: £665.48 by four instalments of £166.37. Maximum representative APR: 1604% if full loan repaid after 7 days.