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10 Cheap Father’s Day Ideas that Dad Will Love

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father's day

Buying gifts on a budget is never easy, so how can you show Dad you love him this Father’s Day without spending a penny? Ferratum has the answer…

If you’re facing Father’s Day with no money to spare for a gift, don’t panic. There’s plenty of ways to show Dad you care without breaking the bank.

And, there could be more than one special dad to think of! Whether you want to help the kids with a gift for your partner or it’s for your own dad or even a special grandad or father-in-law, Ferratum have a Father’s Day gift for every dad.

1. Homemade artwork

If your kids are young, you can’t go wrong with some heartfelt child artwork for Father’s Day. There are loads of great ideas online on the likes of Pinterest for some quirky crafts for Dad.

We love this idea for a homemade garden ornament – Take a large, smooth stone. Have the kids decorate and write ‘Dad Rocks!’ on the finished product. The kids will love making these and they will make a great ornament for Dad’s flower beds.

2. Make his favourite dinner

Whether it’s a juicy steak with peppercorn sauce or a hearty lasagne, make Dad his favourite dinner this Father’s Day.

3. Breakfast in bed

This one’s just as good on Father’s Day as it is on Mother’s Day! Let Dad have a lie in and take him a bacon butty and cup of tea to show him you care.

4. Go for a walk

The weather’s lovely, so take Dad for a walk to his favourite place. Does he like the beach for some rock pooling? The woods for an adventure? A climb up a mountain? Take advantage of your local beauty spots.

5. Wash the car

If your dad is a bit of a petrol head, then cleaning the car for him is a great Father’s Day gift. And if you’re feeling extra nice, you could even clean the inside too!

6. TV remote free pass

A whole day wielding full TV remote power! If Dad is always being bullied to watch everyone else’s TV shows this one will go down very well. If it’s the kids always forcing Dad to watch Cartoon Network, then they could make a coupon to present to Dad to redeem his 24 hours of TV control!

7. Uninterrupted nap

If Dad likes an afternoon snooze on a Sunday afternoon, then how about a couple of blissful quiet hours? Get out with the kids to the park, no hoovering and generally let him have a few hours of peace (this one’s another coupon opportunity as well!).

8. Chore swap

Take over Dad’s chores for the day. If this is for your partner, get the kids to take on his jobs for the day. If your own Dad or Grandad is elderly, they may struggle with some of the bigger household chores on their own. Offer to do the garden or even a deep clean of the kitchen cupboards or other difficult jobs that they can no longer manage.

9. Photo book

Create a photo book, get everyone involved with choosing photos of their favourite memories with Dad. There are loads of voucher codes for discounts on printed photo books online. But, if you’re feeling creative, you can get the kids involved with making a scrapbook themselves.

10. Copycat treat

Going the extra mile and making Dad’s favourite treats at home is a great idea for Father’s Day. We love this homemade Daim bar recipe which is easy as well as delicious! There are homemade versions of practically every delicious treat going. So you can make your Dad’s favourite. You can even take your homemade versions and make them into another dessert…hmm, homemade Daim bar cheesecake, anyone?

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