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How to Save Money and Have the Best Budget Valentine's Day 2017

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Valentine's Day 2017

The ultimate guide to making Valentine’s Day special no matter the price-tag.

You don’t need hundreds of £££s to make Valentine’s Day special for your significant other. In fact, your partner may well be pleased to be treated to something a bit more imaginative than sitting in a crowded restaurant eating a set menu! From £30 to completely free, our guide will help you plan the perfect day when you’re on a budget.

Fairly Flush - £30 Budget

❤ Use a bit of your budget for a Valentine’s classic. Maybe an artificial single rose, or a mini box of chocolates along with a handmade card (for the personal touch!).

Total: £3.00 for mini box of chocolates

❤ Instead of throwing money away on pricey Valentine's menus in the evening, pick a quirky venue for a cute lunch out. How about a local patisserie/cafe for pastries and cakes?

Total: £17.00 for coffee and cakes

❤ Get a Dine-In deal from one of the supermarkets. These are usually easy to prepare and come with 3 courses as well as a bottle of plonk. So it still feels like a Valentine’s Day indulgence at a fraction of the cost.

Total: £10.00 Dine-in-for-2 deal



Strict Spender- £20 Budget

❤ Start off with a homemade card. Get some supplies from any bargain shop or supermarket. Colourful card and decorations are a good place to start, as well as using bits and bobs from home. Personalising with a cute picture of you both can be a lovely touch.

Total: £1.50 for supplies

❤ What kind of attractions does your local area have to offer? A planetarium show makes a surprisingly romantic date. Or find out about local galleries and museums. The entrance fee for any of these things is likely to be quite low. It'll also be less crowded than other more obvious date venues.

Total: £10.00 attraction entry

❤ Make your Valentine a fake-away! Buy all the ingredients to make their favourite take-away dinner at home. They’ll be touched by the thought and effort.

Total: £8.50 ingredients for fake-away



Super Scrimper- £10 Budget

❤ Start V-day the right way by treating your Valentine to a cup of coffee or their preferred morning drink in bed. A little change to their morning routine can have a big impact.

Total: £0.00

❤ Take your partner on a romantic walk. Depending on what your local options are this could range from a stroll in the local park to a trek up a small mountain! And treat them at the end to a drink in a quiet pub or share a portion of chips.  

Total: £6.00 pub drinks

❤ If your Valentine’s budget doesn’t stretch to a full meal at home, why not just the dessert. Make their favourite dessert for a thoughtful Valentine’s treat.  

Total: £4.00 ingredients for dessert



Total Freebie!- £0 Budget

❤ Still start off with a homemade card! Get creative with what you have available at home. Fabric scraps, old photos, left over wrapping paper and magazines can all help!

Total: £0.00

❤ You’ve got no spare cash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your beloved feel special on Valentine’s Day. Pack their work lunch with a little love note tucked inside, hide a note in their coat pocket, or even send them a text to brighten up their afternoon.

Total: £0.00

❤ Make them a special playlist filled with songs that are special to you both. You can use a free music streaming service if you need to (and don’t mind a few ads!). A classic V-day mix-tape for the digital age!

Total: £0.00

❤ Give them a back or foot massage for as long as they want. Maybe while you listen to the playlist. Making someone feel special on Valentine’s day is all about shaking up their routine. Pamper your loved one and make them the centre of your attention for the day.

Total: £0.00


It’s easy to make a big impact even with a tiny budget on Valentine’s Day. Get creative and think of ways to inject some romance into your partner’s daily routine. Shake things up even more by doing some of these romantic suggestions even when it’s not Valentine’s Day!

Remember, it’s never sensible to get into debt for frivolous expenditures such as Valentine’s Day. 


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