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What Should I Buy in the January Sales?

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January Sales

How to make the most of the January sales and get the best buys.

The biggest sales of the year are about to hit the shops…or are they? We’ll reveal the best times of year to hit the sales. But first, we’re all about how to make the most out of your money. So, what’s worth buying in the January sales?

Christmas Stuff!

Hey, don’t laugh! Things like Christmas cards, wrapping paper and decorations are all usually massively reduced. Take care of some of the smaller Christmas expenses now, your future self will thank you!


Last year many of the major airlines held sales, with huge reductions on flights. If you've got a summer holiday planned, it might be worth keeping an eye out during early January.

TOP TIP: Bookmark flights now and check prices regularly so you are ready to grab a bargain in January. 


Straight after Christmas is the best time to get a good deal on kid’s toys. Retailers will have loads of unsold stock from their Christmas lines that they’re keen to get rid of. The January sales are also usually a good time to invest in computer consoles. You could have saved a massive 63% on a Nintendo Wii in last year's January sales rather than another time of the year, for example.


January is the best time of year to grab the best deals on household furniture. Fewer people move house in January, so there’s less demand. If you’re in the market for a new bed, sofa or chest of drawers, then grab a bargain in the January sales.

Or…Don’t Buy Anything!

Are the January Sales the best time to grab a bargain? Sales tracking websites have found that it’s July that usually has the most items on sale.

Retailers base their sales on customer behaviour, so it’s worth paying attention at other times of the year. The best time to buy your new TV is when people are spending less time indoors in July. Summer goods such as BBQs and garden furniture are best bought out of season in October. And if you need a new car, the best deals are available in December.

The January sales are a great way to get the best prices if your budget allows. But remember, responsible spending means if you don’t have the cash then don't buy. 

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