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Halloween Food Ideas That Are Cheap AND Scary

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Halloween food

Knowing how to celebrate Halloween on a budget will save you time and money. 

If you’re looking for frightening food for kids that won’t sound scary to your wallet, then we’re here to help. We love to let our creative juices flow at Halloween, and what better way to unleash your creepy side then with the party food. But you don’t want to break the bank, especially so close to Christmas, so we’ve compiled some ideas for freaky fare that don’t cost the earth (and don’t require expert cooking skills!).

Bony Breadsticks 

Make some creepy breadstick bones that will raise a few shrieks from the kids, and are a pretty tasty treat for adults too! A basic breadstick dough can be made from store cupboard ingredients you probably already have at home, great for a cheap party favourite.

When you come to shaping the breadsticks, make the ends slightly thicker than the rest and snip with scissors to create these bone-chilling breadsticks. Add parmesan to the dough for extra flavour or sprinkle with cheese towards the end of baking. How about that for Halloween food to die for?

Halloween Biscuits

Jammy Death Dodgers 

How about a Halloween twist on a kid’s classic by creating some spooky jammy biscuits? You can use any basic butter biscuit recipe for this one. Perfect Halloween food for kids to help make. You can find a whole host of suitably scary cutters in the shops around Halloween, from ghosts and ghouls to pumpkins and skulls.

Before baking your cookies, remember to cut out the eyes or mouth of your creepy characters. Afterwards, sandwich with a layer of your favourite jam. You could use strawberry jam for a gruesome oozing blood effect. Tasty and terrifying, perfect!

Horrifying Hotdogs 

Hot dogs are a firm kid’s food favourite at any time of the year, but you’ll find this creepy Halloween hack will tingle a few spines at your party. Hot dogs make a great Halloween party food for kids because they’re cheap and easy to cook.

To creep out your party guests, add a flaked almond fingernail and plenty of ketchup to create an easy hair-raising party platter. Delicious or disgusting? We can’t decide!

Are you feeling suitably inspired? Planning a Halloween party on a budget can be a headache. But having a few cheap and effective show-stoppers should be enough to have your guests swarming around the buffet like a horde of ravenous zombies this Halloween! If you're still hankering for Halloween advice, check out last year's blog here for some tips. 

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