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How to Make the Most of the British Summer: Top Barbecue Trends of 2017

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Everything you need to know for the best BBQs this summer

Here in the UK, we love a BBQ, even if the weather isn’t always obliging! There’s no doubt that barbequing in Britain is big business, but there are so many options it can be hard to know what to prioritise.

So, if you want to be crowned king of the BBQ this summer, read on to find out what’s sizzling this summer.

Mean Machines

Do you go all out with the latest pricey gas model, or keep it simple with traditional charcoal BBQs? This one is completely down to personal preference. Gas models are quicker and convenient, but a lot of us prefer the distinctive BBQ taste you get with charcoal.

If you’re planning on hosting lots of big BBQ bashes for the whole family, then a large gas model might be the right choice for you. If you would rather keep it small scale, then you’ll benefit from the easier storage of a smaller charcoal model.

Fancy Food

In 2017 there are some clear BBQ food trends that are emerging worldwide. Here’s the top three for the best BBQ fare this summer.

1. Slow and Steady

The key to perfectly cooked BBQ food is to keep it slow and steady. Leave plenty of time to heat your BBQ properly, so the heat is across the entire surface of the grill before you start. Our top tip is to start the BBQ in the morning, and by the time you and your guests are ready to eat you’ll have a perfectly heated grill.

2. Go Veggie!

Well, maybe not completely, but getting creative with veggie options will be a massive trend this summer. And luckily these days there’re plenty of options that will please both the veggies and the meat eaters! There are more and more interesting options for faux-meat burgers, veggie alternatives stuffed with spices and we recommend grilled halloumi for a delicious veggie friendly treat that tastes amazing grilled.

3. Marvellous Marinades

Treat your meat to a rub down! This year is all about flavour, if you’re a keen cook then make your own marinades and impress your guests. If you would rather buy, then there are plenty of options in the supermarkets. Have your meat marinate for at least 8 hours before you plan to cook it and then continue to baste while it’s on the grill for best results.

Delectable Drinks

Push the boat out this summer and alongside the bottles of beer, make up a big pitcher of a simple and delicious cocktail. We recommend a refreshing margarita or a big jug of Pimms and lemonade with plenty of fruit, cucumber and mint garnish.

So, whatever the weather this summer, get out there and BBQ! The best thing about the humble BBQ is that there’s an option for every budget and garden out there. From disposable BBQs in the park to the super grill in your garden.

Panicking that your garden or backyard is far from summer ready, head over to our article on making the most of your garden on a budget.