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National Grandparent's Day

5 Ideas on how to celebrate with the grandparents of your family

Although you might not already know it, this Sunday, 5th of October, is National Grandparents Day – a national holiday which was started in the UK by the charity Age Concern nearly 25 years ago.

National Grandparents Day is an opportunity similar to Mother’s and Father’s Day when you can show love, appreciation and thanks to the grandparents of your family. 

For many families, this holiday is a chance for grandparents to spend quality time with their grandchildren and to have fun, celebrate and to share experiences with the younger generation.

Of course, showing your grandparents or your children’s grandparents your love should extend to more than a card and a bunch of flowers, so here are some ideas of ways to mark this occasion with your family:

1.       For many families, grandparents may be too far away to visit in person. Maybe a phone call – or even better – a Skype video call on Sunday can cut out the distance and allow you to celebrate together.

2.       Get your children to make their own Grandparents Day cards to take with you when you visit. Ask them to draw pictures of themselves with their grandparents, or for older children maybe they would like to bake a cake or put together a photo album or collage to give as a gift

3.       Take your grandparents for a day out. You could treat them to a meal or do an activity together such as a picnic or a trip to the theatre.

4.       Use the opportunity of National Grandparents Day as a history lesson. Kids love to learn about how life was like in the past, especially the lives of people they know. Grandparents can spend the day sharing laughter by telling stories, showing old photographs or even taking their grandchildren out to visit where they grew up themselves. Another great way to share your family history with the children is to bring out ornaments and jewellery boxes. Grandparents can tell their grandchildren the stories behind each necklace and engagement ring and let the children try them on. National Grandparents Day shouldn’t all be about sharing memories but creating new ones, and your grandchildren will always remember and look forward to seeing ‘grandma’s jewellery box’ again.

5.       While your children spend quality time with their grandparents perhaps you could show your appreciation by offering to go grocery shopping for them or to do any odd jobs around their house.

Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to have grandparents to share the day with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mark the occasion. Telling stories and showing your children old photographs will teach them about their family tree and learn about the people who shaped your family before them.