Short Term Loans


Short Term Loans From Ferratum

Short term loans are often referred to as, mobile micro loans, or text loans They are useful when something unexpected happens and you don’t have the funds to cover it.  At Ferratum, we can usually have this with you within 1 hour.  New Ferratum customers are invited to apply for short term loans from between £50 and £1000. Customers are offered a short term loan term of 2 - 6 months.   It’s quick, easy and completely free to apply.  Decide which of our short term loans you need and the number of days you need the amount for.  With our short term loans,  the system will base the repayment day on your next salary date. Hit apply and you’ll be taken to our application form.

What Information Is Needed If I Decide To Take One Of Ferratum’s Short Term Loans?

We’ll need to make sure that you are who you say you are and that if you take out one of our short term loans, you can afford to repay it.  Sounds simple? For you it is.  We don’t ask you to provide physical evidence when applying for short term loans as we have very sophisticated technology with which to identify you.  Customers who complete our application for their short term loans pass through several virtual ‘checkpoints’ which will validate the information as you go along.  You won’t see this as it’s happening in the background every time someone applies for one of our short term loans.  At the end of the application, we ask you to confirm that you wish to take one of our short term loans and we send a PIN to your mobile phone.  For this reason, it’s very important to make sure you enter the correct mobile number.

How Does Ferratum Pay Out The Short Term Loans?

It takes us a matter of seconds to assess the applications for our short term loans.  We’re looking for a good credit rating, proof of ID and your ability to repay the loan on the due date.  Ferratum lets you know straight away if you’ve qualified for one of our short term loans and your decision is displayed on screen.  We’ll then send the money to your bank account by faster payment.  This process can take up to 2 hours but, quite often we have the funds from the short term loans with our customers much faster.  Before 9am, after 5pm and at weekends or bank holidays, it does take us a little longer to send the cash so please do bear with us.

What Is The Repayment Method For Ferratum Short Term Loans?

As part of your application, we’ll ask you to enter your debit card details in our secure Pay Point.  Your details are checked and stored safely until the due date, when we’ll debit your card for the instalment amount.  Customers who wish to repay their short term loans earlier can let us know by calling 0151 601 8611 and speaking to our Customer Care team.  You can also text us on 07860020302, Microloan customers can send TAKE PAYMENT to repay their balance in full, PlusLoan customers can send PAY BACK to repay their loan in full. We’ll usually take the payment and text you a receipt within 2 hours.  We never penalise our customers for repaying their short term loans early, in fact, the interest is calculated daily and so the balance is less.  The Customer Care line and the text service are manned here, in the UK so again, on bank holidays, weekends and out of office hours, these requests may take a little longer.  You don’t need to repeat the text or call us too, please choose one method of contact and we’ll get to your request as quickly as possible.  Contacting us several times or using different methods regarding short term loans will only extend the waiting time as our agents will have to answer the same query many times before moving on to the next.

If I Wish To Apply For Future Short Term Loans, How Do I Do This?

Future short term loan applications are even easier.  Should returning MicroLoan customers want to borrow from us again, we operate a text service.  You decide how much you would like to borrow and send a text to 07860020302 like this: NEED 350  In this example, you’re requesting a loan for £350.00.  From your original application, the system will know when your short term loans should be repaid, aiming for your next salary date.  We text the decision straight back to you then all you need to do is wait for the funds to arrive within 2 hours. Now that we know that you have already had one of our short term loans and have paid it back on time, it means we are able to offer you to apply for up to £1000.00.  If we can’t offer you the full amount, we will text you back with the maximum available of our short term loans. 

PlusLoan and MicroLoan customers can re apply quickly and easily using their My Ferratum account . Simply log in, and reapply online. 

Short term loans are what we do here. We’ll help you through your application as we have an experienced UK based Customer Care team based in the North West of England.  Between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, we’ll be available to help you.  We also offer email and SMS for your convenience. 

It really is as simple as that. The first of your short term loans applied for in minutes, your money in your bank within hours, then your future Ferratum short term loans applied for in seconds by text.

Fast, friendly and flexible short term loans from Ferratum.  Apply today.