Why Choose Ferratum For Online Short Term Loans?

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What Are Online Short Term Loans?

When you choose to apply with Ferratum for online short term loans, you can be confident we will handle your application well. Online short term loans go by many names, similar products are referred to as mobile micro loans, short term loans or same day loans. Ferratum also a text loans service. It’s the same product but is applied for by text instead of online. Whether your online short term loans are applied for on our website or by text, there is still a credit and affordability check. We can usually get the funds to you within 1 hour when our offices are open between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, it can take a little longer and we thank you for your patience.

Why Apply for Online Short Term Loans?

There are absolutely hundreds of reasons to apply for online short term loans. Here at Ferratum, our customer service agents have helped thousands of people like you to arrange online short term loans. From car repairs to veterinary bills and anything else that can crop up without warning, we have helped in minutes. 

Who Is Eligible For Online Short Term Loans?

Your credit score and affordability check will determine this. Lots of people think their credit file is worse than it actually is and are pleasantly surprised when we offer them online short term loans. The reason for this is, we aren’t looking for old mistakes on long term finance arrangements you had years ago, we run our checks based on similar items of credit to our online short term loans. When we’re satisfied you are competent to handle this sort of finance, we will be able to help you. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply for online short term loans and you get an instant, on-screen decision.

I Can Afford To Repay My Online Short Term Loans, Why Do I Need A Credit Check?

Ferratum is authorised and regulated by the FCA. We operate within their guidelines and have always used credit reference when processing applications for online short term loans. It isn’t good advice to search for online short term loans with no credit check as you might find that the firms who offer this won’t credit check you themselves, but may collect and pass your details to other brokers and lenders who will. 

What Makes Online Short Term Loans From Ferratum Better Than Other Lenders?

Ferratum is a leading direct lender of online short term loans. We operate in over 22 countries worldwide and have a strict code of ethics. We’re fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are members of the CCTA or Consumer Credit Trade Association. When you apply for online short term loans with Ferratum, you can be confident that we won’t share your details without permission. We’re a direct lender so once you apply, we set you up with online short term loans account to use again if required. Ferratum is based in the UK, in the North West of England in Liverpool. Our UK based customer care team is on hand during office hours and, outside of 9 am to 5 pm we run a text service.

How Do I Apply For Online Short Term Loans?

Well, our online short term loans are easy to apply for as you’ll see. We don’t ask you to provide physical copies of your sensitive data as we conduct our checks online. You’ll be filling in the simple form whilst our system is working away and validating the information you supply at various virtual checkpoints. It all happens really quickly and at the end of the online form, you’ll have a decision on-screen telling you whether you qualified for one of our online short term loans. Once approved, the money will be sent to your bank the same day, usually within the hour.

What About Future Online Short Term Loans?

We’re a direct lender so you’ll have an account set up. You supplied information on the first online short term loans application so we don’t have to ask you again unless anything has changed. Now that we know each other and you’ve borrowed and repaid one of our online short term loans, it’s much simpler. We operate a text service for existing customers and also increase the maximum loan amount from £300 to £500. Simply send NEED 340 to 07860020302 and our system will recognise your mobile number and set up the application for you. Once again, the funds for your online short term loans is sent the same day and, within office hours, can be there before an hour has passed. In the above example, the amount requested was £340.00 but other amounts are available in multiples of 10 between £50.00 and £500.00.

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