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What is a Mobile Microloan?

mobile micro loans

A Mobile Microloan From Ferratum

A Mobile Microloan is essentially the same as a short-term loan. We will have the funds with you the same day and can even be within 1 hour if you have applied between 9 am and 5 pm on a working weekday.

The Ferratum Mobile Microloan is a short-term finance option which can help you out quickly and simply when the need arises. We operate with a full FCA licence and are proud to be members of the CFA too. When our customers find themselves in need of a Mobile Microloan, they come to us via a broker or direct to our website and we do our best to help.  We offer mobile Microloan products from £50 to £1000 over 1 to 4 month repayment options.

Why Do People Look For A Mobile Microloan?

There are many reasons our customers find themselves needing a Mobile Microloan. Unfortunately, sometimes we have home, car or life emergencies and it just isn’t payday yet.  A few weeks can be a lifetime if you need to get a car back on the road to get to work. You can’t take time off as your employer may not pay you and you might not be in a position to take public transport. This is when a fast and simple Mobile Microloan can help.

How Long Does It Take To Apply For A Mobile Micro Loan?

Not long at all, about 5 minutes to complete the form, an instant on-screen decision then up to just 2 hours for your bank to accept the cash.

How Long Until The Repayment Is Due For The Mobile Microloan?

We offer Mobile Microloan terms between 1 and 4 months. You simply need to tell us your next salary date and how often you’re paid, i.e. monthly, and we’ll work out the repayments for you.

How Much Interest Will Be Due For My Mobile Microloan?

This amount depends on how there is between you borrowing and repaying the Mobile Microloan. A Mobile Microloan of £300 will cost 0.8% per day in interest and your total amount due will be £205.93 to repay each month over 2 months (£411.86 in total). If you take a 3-month term, interest will be calculated daily so the same £300 loan over 3 months would cost £151.42 per month to repay (£454.26 in total).

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Loan amount

Loan amount: X
Loan term: X
Interest: X
Total amount payable: X
Due date: X
Monthly repayment: X


*Minimum loan term - 62 days, maximum - 4 months

Ferratum And Your Mobile Microloan

Ferratum is proud to be recognised as one of the world’s largest Mobile Microloan lenders. We operate in over 22 countries around the world and have been helping our customers for over 10 years. We want to be able to provide fast Mobile MicroLoan products to our customers when they need us.

How Do I Apply For A Mobile Microloan?

You simply apply online for your Mobile Microloan by filling in a form on your mobile or desktop device. It takes about 5 minutes and we’re here to help if you need us. Ferratum customer services are open during office hours (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) to help you on 0151 601 8611. Outside of these hours we operate a text service on 07860020302 and you can also email us at customercare@ferratum.co.uk

How Do I Repay My Mobile Microloan?

That’s also really easy. During your Mobile Microloan application, you’ll be asked to submit your bank details so that we can validate the account we’re paying the cash into. We’ll also ask you for a debit card to perform a ‘test transaction’ on.  All we need to do is process a test payment for £0.01 so the account does need to have 1p available. We don’t keep the penny, it never really leaves your account.  We then securely store the debit card information at our Pay Point. This is similar to when you open a ‘tab’ in a restaurant but then only process the payment later. On the due dates, you can relax as we’ll already know when your wages usually arrive and we have your card details ready to use. We’ll take the payment for your Mobile Microloan and text you with a receipt. 

How Do I Repay My Mobile Microloan If My Debit Card Details Change?

Don’t worry, this happens, they can either expire or be lost, stolen or damaged. Simply call us on or before the due date with your new card information and we’ll be able to add this to your Mobile Microloan account ready for the payment to be taken. It’s ok to do this in advance as, once again, we’ll perform the test transaction so that we can store the details for later.

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