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Free Credit Report

Free Credit Report

Here, at Ferratum, we are committed to being a responsible lender. The FCA requires that we ensure you are not being over-committed financially with Ferratum and other lenders.

Responsible lending is not new to Ferratum. We always endeavour to keep your best interests at heart when processing your request.

When you apply for a short-term loan either online or via our fast and easy text option, we process this by looking at a live credit report.  After you press send, it all happens really quickly and the credit check is performed. We can then make a decision based on the most up to date information possible. This might mean that your application isn't approved and you're asked to wait a short while before re-application.
Don't worry, this could simply be your credit file being updated or, perhaps, there's something else which needs to be cleared before we can comfortably lend to you once again.

We are now working with CallCredit to achieve the best advice for you when making the lending decision.  We’re inviting you to take a look at your credit file for free with Noddle.co.uk.

This service is provided by our partner CallCredit for you and they promise you this is free for life. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form.

free credit score

If you're an existing customer, we invite you to use our fast and simple text service. Start a new text with NEED and the amount you wish to apply for (between £50 and £500 in multiples of 10 to 07860020302)and we'll take care of the rest. Eg: NEED 220.

Our new customers may use the button below.

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