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Ferratum Promotion Terms and Conditions

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Summer Cashback Promotion - Terms and Conditions

Please find the terms and conditions for Ferratum's Summer Cashback Promotion. Please read them thoroughly to understand how the promotion works. 

How to Use the Summer Cashback Promotion

It is important that you follow all instructions to ensure your promotion is applied. 
The Summer Cashback Promotion is a subscriber exclusive offer, this means that you must apply by clicking one of the links in the promotional email or SMS message you receive. This is how the promotion is applied to your account, and you won't be eligible for the cashback if you receive the message but apply by going directly to the website. Please ensure you follow the links in the email or SMS message to apply your promotional offer. 

How to Redeem Your Cashback

When your loan is fully repaid on time and your repayment has been processed, the Ferratum team will send your £10 cashback to your nominated bank account. Depending on when your loan is repaid, the speed that the repayment is processed and the how quickly the cashback is processed by your own bank, there may be a delay of up to 5 working days for the cashback to appear in your account. 

The Official Rules for Using the Summer Cashback Promotion

1. To apply the promotion, you must click a link in your promotion offer email or SMS message. 
2. The promotion is only valid for seven days after the date the promotional email or SMS is sent. You must apply for your loan within seven days if you wish to receive the cashback. 
3. The cashback offer is not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 
5. The cashback offer is only valid for approved paid out loans.
4. The cashback will be paid into your account after your loan has been repaid in full and on time.
5. If any instalments are not repaid on time, then you will not be eligible for the cashback. 
6. The summer cashback promotion is subject to a minimum loan amount of £100. 
7. In case of early or late repayment, you will not be eligible for the cashback. 

Summer Cashback Promotion Will Not Apply If the Following Happens:

1. If you repay early. 
2. If any instalments are paid after the due date. 
3. If the loan falls into arrears or enters a repayment schedule. 

Additional Information

Ferratum UK Ltd. accepts no responsibility for failure to follow the instructions to apply the promotion. Ferratum UK Ltd. reserves the right, without further notice to the holders of promotional offers to modify the terms and conditions for use of the promotional discount or to suspend or cancel the promotion campaign in whole or in part. In case of complaint, Ferratum UK Ltd. reserves the right to have the final say. 
Should you have any further questions, please contact us by email: customercare@ferratum.co.uk  with the subject line "Summer Promo".