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What should I include in my monthly expenses?

As a responsible lender, we need to know about your regular income and expenses to assess your eligibility. This includes your employment status and how often you are paid and how.

We also need to consider the affordability of the loan, so we need some information about your monthly expenses.

When considering your monthly expenses, you should include any essential financial commitments such as;

  • Your rent or mortgage
  • Your utilities (gas, electric, water and any other services you pay for regularly)
  • Your transport costs (fuel, public transport, car insurance)
  • How much you need for food (essential groceries and household items)
  • Any current credit commitments (credit cards, loans or finance agreements)
  • Any other regular outgoings (for example childcare or child maintenance payments, memberships or subscriptions)

It is important that you provide accurate financial information and have considered your future income and outgoings in determining your ability to repay your loan without difficulty.

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