Choose Ferratum for 1 hour Short-Term Loans

Thanks to Ferratum’s sophisticated and straightforward application process, customers can receive their short-term loan within one hour – yes, that’s 1 hour Short-Term loans!

Depending upon your circumstances, our short-term loans can even be credited in a matter of minutes – providing you with the cash you require almost instantaneously.

1 hour loans - Quick money

It is this type of lending that has made Ferratum one of the leading and most respected short term loan companies in the UK.

At Ferratum, we pride ourselves on being a reputable and responsible lender. We are a proud member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA) and believe that these 1 hour short term loans should only be awarded to those in stable financial conditions.

If you’re looking for a financial solution to tie you over until you get sorted then Ferratum is the lender you’ve been craving.

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