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Instant Cash Loans

Check out the terms of our instant cash loans with our loan calculator below. Our loan calculator is easy to use, simply choose the amount you want to borrow and how long you need to repay, and it'll show you exactly how much you'll repay. 

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Making Things Happen With Instant Cash Loans

Whether it´s to pursue a long-held dream or simply get on top of your finances by managing an everyday expense, for many people a instant cash loan is the best quick and simple short-term loan solution when they need money fast.

In addition to helping people reach their dreams, there are other instances where a quick cash loan can be the perfect solution. Here are a few:

When It Rains, It Pours

We´ve all heard the expression “when it rains it pours”. Often when we have one expense, we get hit with two or three more at the same time. Sometimes that´s just the way it is. However, a fast cash loan can help lighten the load and bridge the gap until next payday.

In Case of an Emergency

For the past few weeks, when drinking cold beverages, you´ve felt a tingling sensation in one of your teeth. Over the weekend, it reached a point you can no longer ignore. When it comes to emergency dental work, money shouldn´t be another source of pain.

When You Need to Get Things In Motion

Whether your car has just broken down or there are planned rail repairs on your train line, everyone needs a reliable source of transportation to get from A-B. A Ferratum loan is a great solution to get you back on the road, whether to buy a bicycle or to cover the first payment for the lease or purchase of a second-hand car

Whatever your short-term needs, Ferratum Lending can help you. Our same day fast cash loans are the quickest and most easily accessible way to secure funds when you need to make things happen.  

The Chance To Make It Happen

A Ferratum Money a fast cash loan is the quickest and most easily accessible way to secure funds when you need to make things happen.  

We are an international provider of mobile banking solutions and consumer loans. As a pioneer in the field of financial technology and mobile lending, we have expanded our operations to 25 countries since 2005.

Simply complete an application through our website, which takes just minutes to complete. You will then receive a decision seconds later and you can get the money you need within one day.

We look forward to helping you!

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*Minimum loan term - 62 days, maximum - 4 months