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50 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ferratum For a Short-Term Loan

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50 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ferratum

If you're thinking of getting a short-term loan, it's important you choose the right lender and the one that gives you the most value. By value, we don´t just mean financially, but a company that offers you transparency, honesty, convenience, reliability, ease, and confidentiality.

In addition to traditional banks, there are plenty of lenders offering short-term loans. However, at Ferratum, we believe in doing things differently. As an international pioneer in the field of financial technology and mobile lending, we have expanded our operations to 25 countries since 2005.

Consumers simply fill in an online application through Ferratum´s easy-to-use mobile app or website. Applications are non-binding and completely free.  After completing an application, you receive a decision within minutes and, if approved, you get the money you need the same day. Since Ferratum is an online bank, this means no waiting in line, no paperwork, and no hassle.

Rest assured, when you apply for one of Ferratum’s online loans, you’re in good hands.  Ferratum is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA).

Not Sure?

If you´re currently exploring loan options, to make your decision easier, we outline 50 reasons why you should choose Ferratum for your lending needs:

  1. We offer a fast and easy loan application process
  2. We ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data
  3. Choose which of our two loan products works best for you
  4. We offer installment loans of up to £700 for new customers
  5. Customers can apply for a fast loan on their smartphone, tablet, or via our website
  6. We offer quick loans of up to £1000 for existing customers
  7. We offer short-term loans from 30 days to 6 months, depending on your needs
  8. We are continually developing and improving our products and expanding our product portfolio
  9. We are a pioneer in short-term loans and were one of the first companies to offer fast loans in Europe
  10. We have been a leading international provider of mobile financial services since 2005
  11. We offer 24-7 customer support
  12. Founded in Helsinki, traditional Finnish values like trust are at the heart of Ferratum´s operations
  13. Our core values are honesty and trust
  14. We bring people and money together in new and innovative ways
  15. We value our customers, many of who have used our services multiple times
  16. We are a part of the smart banking revolution
  17. We are a visionary financial company, unique in the Nordics
  18. We value our relationships
  19. We are the bank in your pocket
  20. We are the link between people and money
  21. We value our employees and offer many benefits including career opportunities and flexible working hours
  22. Our aim is to become the world's leading mobile bank
  23. We live by our motto - "More than money for everyone."
  24. Our goal is to help people with their daily financial affairs
  25. Ferratum Group is an international, multicultural and multilingual organisation
  26. Our social responsibility is expressed through our openness and transparency
  27. We believe in responsible lending
  28. Our roots are in Finland and we are proud of our heritage
  29. We are committed to implementing our traditional Finnish values in all countries that we operate
  30. We are 100% online, which means no physical branches, and no waiting in line. You can apply for a loan online quickly and conveniently 24-7
  31. We offer both a one-repayment Microloan and a multi-installment Plusloan.
  32. We have served over 2 million customers across the globe
  33. We provide loans for people aged up to 70
  34. We are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which means our business model is measurable
  35. We believe that by providing private individuals with prompt and confidential short-term loans, we have assisted with their day-to-day financial matters
  36. We believe in transparent and responsible marketing practices
  37. Our online loan application process is lightning-quick
  38. Our fees are always clear to see, which means no nasty surprises
  39. You can apply for a Ferratum loan without even leaving your home
  40. Ferratum Group is a fast-growing international company currently operating in 25 countries
  41. Ferratum UK has a friendly award-winning Customer Care team to help our customers with any enquiries 
  42. Customers receive a response to their online loan application within minutes
  43. Our aim is to change the world for the better by helping people with their financial affairs and making banking smarter and easier
  44. Ferratum brings an end to outdated, traditional banking
  45. We always make our loan decisions based on each customer´s unique situation and their well-being
  46. Our customers can repay their loan early at any time, and since our interest is charged daily, this saves our customers money
  47. Our mission is to provide consumers with fast loans and the best customer service possible
  48. Regardless of location, all our customers are treated with equal respect and receive the same great service
  49. We have been operating in the UK since 2011 and have a long history of experience in the financial sector
  50. Our loans are fully flexible, so they can suit your individual needs


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